Welcome To Kasia's Plate

Hey! My name is Kasia and I follow a gluten and dairy-free diet. Welcome to my world.

I understand that sometimes it is really difficult to dine out with food intolerances, with sometimes there being little understanding on the matter. My aim is to highlight the places I have stumbled upon (at home and on my travels) and compile these into an easy-to-use blog, saving you hours of research time. Simultaneously, I hope to raise the profile of various businesses which are awesome for catering to a GF/DF diet as well as create fun and easy-to-make recipes that anyone can enjoy!

I hope you enjoy reading.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.


Recent Posts

Travelling Abroad Gluten-Free

Travelling to a foreign country can be very daunting – especially when you have allergies/intolerances/coeliac disease. I have created this survival guide to help you travel

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Vanilla Oat Protein Waffles

Vanilla protein waffles are one of my top tier breakfasts. There’s something just so simple but scrumptious about them. It’s taken me quite a few attempts

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